Board of Directors

Dayspring Center is governed by an active Board of Directors fully engaged in the activities of the organization.

  1. Brendan G. O'Sullivan-Hale, President
    Oxford Group
  2. Nicki Ryan, Vice President
    Clarian Health Partners
  3. Rise Compton, Secretary
    J.P. Morgan Chase Bank
  4. Chris Johns, Treasurer
    Draper & Associates
  5. Diana Rice-Wilkerson, Member
  6. Charles Young, Member
    Retired United Way of Central Indiana
  7. Brian Falcon, Member
    Frost Brown Todd
  8. Kathleen Taylor, Member
    Indiana Association for Community Economic Development
  9. Aszure Grimes, Member
  10. Shelby Roby-Terry, Member
    CEO/President, The Forty Group
  11. Kelly Young, Member
    President, Baise Communications, LLC

Facts on Homelessness

Four out of ten homeless adults on any given night have children with them.

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