Dayspring Center Staff

The following are full-time staff members. In addition, 6 part-time shift supervisors assist residents at the emergency family shelter.

  1. Lori E. Casson
    Executive Director
  2. Felicia Holt
    Office Manager
  3. Cheryl Herzog
    Development Coordinator
  4. Michelle Jackson
    Volunteer Coordinator
  5. Audrey Nannenga
    Lead Case Manager
  6. Carolyn Harkin-Brinton
    Shelter Case Manager
  7. Chaunte St. James
    Children's Services Program Manager
  8. Carol Ward
    Follow-up Case Manager
  9. Roscoe Chambliss
    Kitchen Manager
  10. LaTroy Carter
    Shift Supervisor
  11. Michelle Garrett
    Shift Supervisor
  12. Randall Sheppard
    Shift Supervisor
  13. Dirk Edwards
    Building Maintenance

Part-time Shift Supervisors

  1. Datreena Anthony
  2. Alita Daugherty
  3. Virginia Pullins
  4. Kathy O'Neal

Facts on Homelessness

One in five homeless adults is a veteran.

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