Jasmine Norton, IUPUI student (English Studies, 2022) shadowed Destiny to see what a day in the life was like.

Ms. Destiny has her hands full. After making a pediatric appointment for a one-year-old and lining up therapeutic/counseling intervention assistance for others, she goes into the busy classroom outside her office where School on Wheels, an organization that provides tutoring for school-aged children affected by homelessness, is helping roughly 30 students. There she runs from table to table ensuring each student is on task and receiving the care and attention they need.

Ms. Destiny, as the children affectionately call her, is Destiny Casson, Dayspring Center’s Children’s Services Program Manager and Children’s Services Case Manager. She loves every second of every busy day.

On this day, she also has an initial meeting with a couple about their child’s wellbeing. The parents are greeted with a toddler play area as they enter Ms. Destiny’s office which is decorated nicely with plenty of toys to keep their child entertained while the grownups talk. The mom and dad take the two seats in front of Ms. Destiny’s desk, ask questions, listen, and eventually leave having had all of their inquiries and concerns addressed.

Working with children in this environment may be hard for some to handle, but not for Ms. Destiny. After wrapping up the new parent orientation, with promises of a follow-up meeting, she’s back on the move. In the classroom, she chats with students ensuring they’re doing what they should be doing, asking them what they’ve learned, and giving hugs and encouragement to all.

Having her hands full is worth it, especially when the children lovingly run-up to her, after tutoring is over of course, seeking out more hugs, jokes, and kindness from someone who understands what they’re going through but doesn’t treat them any differently