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A Happy Ending for Aja and Her Daughters

Meet Aja, Mom of two teenage daughters. Aja came to Dayspring Center about four months ago. Following her diagnosis a year ago of a debilitating form of lupus, Aja was unable to continue working at her full-time position with the state. Her mounting medical expenses depleted her savings account, and medical insurance would no longer cover her treatments. Eventually, she could no longer afford basic living expenses and was evicted from her apartment. She recalled a place she had volunteered with her church several years ago. She made the call to Dayspring Center.

While at Dayspring Center, Aja was able to continue her medical care while looking for work. After four months, she has regained her strength and announced last week that she secured a part-time administrative position. She is hoping, in time, she will return to full-time work. Case managers are currently working with her to locate transitional housing. Aja holds two degrees. Education is a high priority for her and her children. She made sure her children attended their home school and continued to focus on their school work while at Dayspring Center. Both daughters are gifted students. Her eldest, Donna, is in the baccalaureate program at school, loves to read and speaks fluent Chinese.

Her youngest daughter, April, excels in math and science and is the athlete of the family.

Aja is a survivor. But, she admits, without a place like Dayspring Center, her story may have ended much differently. Instead, she was able to access the resources she needed to get her lupus under control and be healthy enough to work. Although it wasn’t easy for her girls to move from a place of their own to a small room at Dayspring Center, Aja kept her daughters on course. She is grateful to Ms. Chaunte, our Children’s Services Program Manager, for organizing activities for the girls that kept their minds off of their situation.

When asked what she would say to a parent in similar circumstances: “Remember, it is only temporary. Knowing the situation does not diminish you as a person. Don’t give up. Know you can do it!”

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