How will your story end?



Mindblowing. Heartbreaking. Real life. Inspiring. These are all words players have used to describe A Paycheck Away, a board game that puts you in the shoes of a real homeless person or family. The game was developed by Bottom Line Performance, a learning game solutions company, in partnership with Dayspring Center Family Emergency Shelter. Players are put in the shoes of a real homeless person or family. Players represent one of the four “real-life” homeless characters and assume the individual circumstances that lead them to become homeless. The object of the game is to get yourself and as many of your teammates as possible out of homelessness within 3 months.

Given similar circumstances, could you get out of homelessness? Whether you make it into permanent housing or remain in the shelter, you will experience the difficult challenges homeless persons or families face and it could change the way you view homelessness.

Schedule “A Paycheck Way” Game Experience.
Why a Game Experience?

Dayspring Center will provide game boards and Game Masters to facilitate game play. Play groups consist of 4-8 players, recommending no more than 4 groups per game session. The game experience leaves players with a better understanding of the issues and challenges homeless individuals and families face. They also learn how homelessness affects our community and the people experiencing it. And, it’s a chance to be part of the solution. Following every game experience is a chance for players to share their thoughts and ideas on ways to combat and prevent homelessness in their community. Join in on the conversation and together, we’ll come up with new perspectives and solutions to address the issue and, perhaps, find a way to end homelessness in our community!

If you or your organization (church, community group, company, etc.) is interested in hosting a game experience, please contact Cheryl Herzog at 635-6780 x211