It's about the kids


Jasmine Norton, IUPUI student (English Studies, 2022) shadowed Destiny to see what a day in the life was like.

It began with the disappointing news that soon-to-be six-year old, Devy, would not be enrolled in Kindergarten this year. She wasn’t prepared. She didn’t know her colors, her numbers, or the names of animals.

Few can attest to the challenges of raising a family as a single mom like Trishell.  Her son and daughter are now 13 and 14, and she has been their sole provider since they were young.  Mom always managed to maintain full-time employment to meet their housing and daily needs.  But life would take a drastic turn when Trishell’s eldest daughter began experiencing serious complications from her struggle with sickle cell anemia.  For nearly two years, her daughter was in and out of hospitals.

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