Sponsorship Opportunities

June 10 – July 19 Camp Discovery

CAMP Discovery
Dayspring Center

Activity Supplies
Bubbles and Bubbles Machine
Water Slide
Whistles (8)
Hot Glue Guns/Glue Sticks
Scoth Tape
Parchment Paper
Journals (boys & girls)
Jump Ropes
Sidewalk Chalk
Galaxy Jars
Bead Kit
Board and Card Games
10 flower pots
Gardening Tools

Bottled Water – 6 or 8 oz.
Snacks – Individually Wrapped
Fruit Cups
Potato Chips
Animal, Cheese, Peanut Butter and/or
100% Fruit Juice Boxes

Medical/Health Supplies
Rubbing Alcohol
Antibiotic Ointment – Individual packs.
Hand Sanitizer/ Cleansing Wipes
Anti-itch Cream
Mosquito Repellent Spray or wristbands
First-aid Kits

Swim Wear and Accessories
Swimwear – Boys and Girls sizes 5-14
Flip-flops (All sizes)
Rain ponchos
Sunglasses – Children/Adult Sizes
Sunscreen – SPF30 or above
Swim Caps – All sizes
White T-shirts – All sizes
White Socks – Children/Adult Sizes

Backpacks/Bags for staff (8)
Reusable Water Bottles
Clorox Wipes
Disposable Gloves (M/L)
Liquid Hand Soap
Lysol Spray
Gas Cards
Gift Cards – McDonald’s, Subway, etc.

To donate supplies contact Children’s Service Program Manager email Rase’ Nelson

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