Transforming the Lives of Indy’s Homeless Families and Their Children

In central Indiana, family homelessness happens year-round. Nearly 4,000 children are without home on any given night. Dayspring Center is one of the few emergency shelter programs that meets families’ emergency needs for food and safe shelter, but it also empowers parents and their children with the life skills and resources to permanently overcome their homelessness! Our programs and services ensure that at least 70% of homeless families and their children will exit stronger, healthier, and better equipped to lead independent lives.

Our Family Circle of community sponsors – businesses, church and community groups, and individuals – makes countless homeless families’ dreams come true and helps us stop the cycle of homelessness before it begins. Your sponsorship would greatly help to transform the lives of 150 homeless families this year, including over 400 children.


Sponsorship Levels


As a Guardian Angel, your gift provides everything a homeless child needs during his or her stay. Your child is guaranteed the essentials – nutritious meals, a safe place to stay with their families, and daily supplies. Most importantly, your sponsored child receives the tender, loving care needed to help them overcome the challenges they face. Homelessness hurts, especially the children. The generosity of Guardian Angels ensures that their sponsored children get critical services such as counseling, tutoring, education assessment, classroom accommodations, medical referrals, and more. At the time of exit from Dayspring, the vast majority of homeless children who received Dayspring’s tailored services are stable, have a renewed confidence, and are better prepared to succeed in the classroom.

We will make every attempt to update Family Champions and Guardian Angels on their sponsored families or children, but due to the confidential nature of the family’s circumstances, few grant us the permission to reveal the family or children’s names or circumstances.


As a Family Champion, you would help a family through their entire journey of overcoming homelessness during their 45-60 day stay at Dayspring Center, from providing daily nutritious meals and a safe, private room to the necessary support services, counseling, and comprehensive life skills training. Family Champions help homeless families reach milestones such as stable employment, furthering their education, establishing a household budget, and obtaining housing.

Sponsorship Breakdown for a 45-day Stay 

In Full 10 Monthly Payments
Family of 5 or 6 $5,000 $500
Family of 3 or 4 $3,000 $300
Family of 2 $2,400 $240


As a Haven Ambassador, you are helping to create the healthy home environment and foundation homeless families need to recover from their homelessness. Our shelter’s living spaces reflect and reinforce healthy family living. Haven Ambassadors sponsor any one of the shelter rooms where homeless families spend time bonding, learning valuable life skills, and creating a new foundation to build a stable and sustainable home life.

Sponsorship Breakdown by Room

In Full 10 Monthly Payments
Dining Room $10,000 $1,000
Kitchen $10,000 $1,000
Family Room $5,000 $500
Playroom $5,000 $500
Computer Lab $2,000 $200
Playground $1,500 $150

Haven Ambassadors’ names (corporate, organization, or individual) are displayed in the room they sponsor. All sponsor levels are for one year.


Your gift at the Helping Hand level will help cover the cost of one of the services provided to prepare parents and children to successfully transition to an independent way of life, creating a loving and supportive home.

Sponsorship Breakdown

$100 – Get Ready for School Package – Provides two school uniforms and a pair of shoes for a homeless child returning to school.

$200 – Welcome Home Care Package – One week of groceries and household supplies for a family exiting the shelter and moving into a place of their own. Families are enrolled in our Follow-up Program.

$300 – Life’s essentials for a homeless child during their stay – Three meals a day (upwards of 150 meals), new linens, health and hygiene supplies, school supplies, and clothing, if needed.

$400 – Support services for homeless mom while enrolled in Dayspring programming. Includes life skills training, budgeting, emotional support, and long-term planning for her family.

Your generous sponsorship will be recognized in the following ways:

  • Mention in our Quarterly Newsletter and social media pages
  • You will receive a ceramic house magnet handmade by a homeless child
  • With your approval, your name will be listed on Dayspring’s website under our “Family Circle” tab
  • All Family Circle members will be recognized in our Annual Report
  • Haven Ambassadors’ names will be displayed in the rooms they sponsor


Become a Family Circle member

To become a member of our Family Circle, visit our Donate page and select your sponsorship level.