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“Today, I am on the Dayspring Board of Directors.”

Shanique Lanier’s Story

When I first moved to Indianapolis I was eight, homeless, and terrified. We had just survived a dryer fire and all my Barbie dolls were in storage. We struggled for months; stability was nonexistent in my life. I went to 12 different schools, had over 9 different addresses, and that was my life for 7 years. We went to two other shelters but neither shelter was warm or welcoming. We stumbled across Dayspring Center and it felt like home. I didn’t want to leave that place. The bunk bed was better than a cot and the dining room better than a cafeteria. I finally got a glimpse of what a home should feel like. I felt safe, I felt more confident that my mom would get help and I had a friend, her name was Starr.

I moved to Kokomo after getting in a fight in fifth grade. A straight ‘A’ student in juvenile center made no sense in my head. After calling everyone I knew, I remembered my grandmother’s phone number and she drove from Kokomo and took me in.

I graduated from college in 2015 and moved back to Indianapolis. I attended a church that asked for volunteers to serve breakfast. I went and remembered instantly where I was, home…aka Dayspring. The pandemic paused my routine of serving at Dayspring. But earlier this year I was fighting depression and needed something. I needed to give back. I contacted Janice, Dayspring’s Volunteer Coordinator and began to volunteer at Dayspring.

During my time volunteering, I met Lori Casson, Dayspring’s Executive Director. She invited me to a fundraising breakfast where she told my story. At the breakfast I made a donation and put a check mark next to “interested in the Board.” I never expected to actually get an invite or to be welcomed.

Today, I am on the Dayspring Board of Directors. Serving on the Board has been so exciting and uplifting and I know my grandma is proud. My children are proud and I am proud. I’m so grateful to make a positive difference in people’s life.

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