It's about the kids

Success Stories

Meet Aja, Mom of two teenage daughters. Aja came to Dayspring Center about four months ago. Following her diagnosis a year ago of a debilitating form of lupus, Aja was unable to continue working at her full-time position with the state. Her mounting medical expenses depleted her savings account […]

When 11-year old Deantá and his 8-year old sister arrived at Dayspring Center in March 2008, they were already familiar with the heartbreak of losing a home. Six months ago, their mother dropped them off at their grandfather’s house and never returned. Unable to provide for her children, the grandfather gained temporary custody […]

Like many mothers at Dayspring Center, Charlene’s slow descent into homelessness began with tragic circumstances. It was 7 years ago, she found the courage to load her five children into the car, drive out of Cleveland and leave her abusive husband of nearly 15 years behind to start a new life in Indianapolis. […]

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