It began with the disappointing news that soon-to-be six-year old, Devy, would not be enrolled in Kindergarten this year. She wasn’t prepared. She didn’t know her colors, her numbers, or the names of animals. Devy’s mother was loving and attentive to her daughter, but she is developmentally delayed and has a learning disability. She simply did not know how to nurture her child’s education. And, they were homeless. Devi and her mom arrived at Dayspring Center eight weeks ago.

Delaying Devy’s Kindergarten enrollment one more year put her at risk of ever catching up in her schooling. Dayspring’s Case Manager realized how devastating this delay could be to Devy’s future. She and an intern began meeting with the girl three times a week. First, with markers and coloring activities, Devy began to learn the names and recognize her colors (purple became her favorite). Next, were numbers, 1 through 30. Using colored beads, Devy learned how to count-up to 30 within a month! Clearly, Devy was eager and a quick learner. In just two weeks, she was able to identify animals, she is most excited about giraffes.


If you wonder how your gifts can impact a homeless child’s life, remember Devy. Every gift sent our way helps us to meet a homeless child’s most basic needs for regular meals and a stable, safe place to stay. More importantly, that same gift enables our staff to provide the attention and support that is so critical for children, like Devy, to learn, blossom and grow. THIS is how your gifts go to work in a child’s life!

Every day at Dayspring is another opportunity for a homeless child to excel. By the end of 2019, nearly 500 homeless children will walk through our doors, bright, eager to learn, and hopeful. They, too, need and deserve the care and support that Devy received. With your continued support, their future will be just as promising. The next time you consider where to direct your charitable gifts, please consider the many ways you have already helped to give homeless children a fresh start and open their world to new opportunities. We hope you are encouraged by the way your gifts transform their lives.

Devy is back on track now and qualified to enroll in Kindergarten. Thanks to loyal supporters, like you, her future is much brighter. From this point on her life will be different, one that is filled with possibilities.